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barn for worm farm
At we realize that we are involved in one of the most interesting, important, and fun activities imaginable. Whether you are 3 years old or 90 and above.

Around the world, everyday, worms are right below the surface, queitly doing their job in the soil. They never complain, whine or revolt.

What do worms do?

Aerate the soil, eat-digest all organic matter, leaving behind nature's best fertilizer compost leaves, grass, and twigs, sending back precious vitamins to the earth that will never affect live vegetation. is owned an operated by actual worm farmers who know the in's and out's of raising, selling, and shipping redworms and European nightcrawlers. Both redworms and European nightcrawlers are raised on site.


Ship year around.

Guaranteed live.

No “middle-man;” directly from the farm to you!

Live person for field questions.

You can't go wrong with Whether you are a beginner or a full fledged commercial grower, we have the patience, knowledge, and experience to make your “worm journey” an enjoyable experience.
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